About Us


To compete more effectively in the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) which was formed in 2015, the ASEAN Legal Alliance (ALA) was established to bring together law firms from each of the 10 member states to provide a truly ASEAN-wide legal network. The AEC will make ASEAN a common market for business, trade and commerce. However, the legal market will remain separate and distinct, differentiated by different legal systems, languages, cultures and business practices.

The ALA brings together law firms in each of the member countries working in close cooperation to provide legal services across the whole of ASEAN. Each firm has the requisite experience to handle foreign investments and has the business knowledge to assist clients’ navigation through the different business cultures that prevail in each ASEAN country.

The Current ALA Members

Our Strategic Alliance - Warwick Legal Network

The ASEAN Legal Alliance is in strategic alliance with Warwick Legal Network (WLN). Warwick Legal Network (WLN) is an international group of commercial law firms supporting our clients from offices in 30 countries covering Europe, India, USA, China, Brazil & Argentina. Comprising over 600 lawyers and professional staff, WLN’s members have been growing steadily in recent years. Our member firms act for clients from around the world in the areas of cross-border trade, investment and all related legal questions. To find out more about WLN, please visit https://www.warwicklegal.com