ASEAN China Commerce Association

ASEAN China Commerce Association


The association envisions to be the largest business network in Asia, creating an effective platform for ASEAN-China members to embark on profitable entrepreneurship. 

With a focus on establishing the economic interest and social relations between ASEAN and China, the association aims to:

  • improve cooperation and develop economic relations between ASEAN and China
  • improve cooperation and business relations among business people from ASEAN and China
  • cooperate with each country’s government authorities to develop trade, industry, investment and economic activities. 
  • provide advice, ideas, and suggestions for ASEAN and China business in the fields of trade, industry, investment and in other related matters
  • compile news, information and statistics on trade in general, industrial affairs, legal and financial matters worthy of interest, for distribution to members for reference. 
  • assist and promote activities that are benevolent to society 

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