Arbitration and International Dispute Resolution


Chairperson: Professor Steve Ngo

Co-Chairperson: Ms Khor See Lin

Arbitration has become the mainstream method to resolve business conflicts in international trade and commerce today. It is now also widely accepted as the only form of legally binding dispute resolution for differences arising from cross border trade and commerce. Robust activities and volume of trade globally perpetuates the need for, thus reliance on arbitration not just to resolve disputes but facilitate growth of international businesses and investments.

Other forms of dispute resolution such as mediation, negotiation and conciliatory continues to contribute toward the growth of arbitration and litigation by providing alternative avenue to resolving disputes amicably and economically without going through complex legal proceedings. With a strong network of firms from the 10 ASEAN countries, we are well-versed to manage cross border disputes either in the local courts through appointed local counsels or as arbitrator and counsel in arbitration matters in both domestic and international arbitrations.

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