Arbitration And International Dispute Resolution



Prof Steve Ngo


Ms Khor Seelin

Arbitration is acknowledged to be the primary, if not sole effective mode, for cross-border dispute resolution. The use of arbitration today is becoming increasingly widespread, in line with the growth of international trade. Our arbitration and international dispute resolution team is highly experienced and handles mediation and arbitration in many areas, including commercial, trade, energy, joint venture, mining, banking, construction, intellectual property, maritime and shipping.

Being experienced in cross-border dispute resolution, our team understands that there are not just jurisdictional and legal differences but also language and cultural differences in any cross-border dispute. With a strong network of firms from the 10 ASEAN countries, we are well-versed in managing cross-border disputes either in the local courts through appointed local counsels or in domestic and international arbitrations as arbitrator and counsel in arbitration matters.

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