Global Business Diaspora Business Summit & ALA Conference 2016


ALA information desk – member firms from ten countries united.

On 28-29 November 2016, ASEAN Legal Alliance (ALA) together with GA Group Singapore organised the Global Business Diaspora Business Summit and ALA Conference 2016. Held at Orchard Hotel Singapore it was also ALA’s 3rd consecutive annual conference, which was well attended by delegates from both Singapore and abroad. ALA was also privileged to have distinguished guests from Shanghai, Nanning and Hong Kong attending its conference.

Panelists for the session “Growing your business in ASEAN Economic Community and with OBOR Initiative”

Various members of ALA participated in the 2-day conference in various capacities as speakers and moderators, discussing wide range of topics ranging from investment opportunities to dispute resolution. Over all, it it was another successful conference for ALA and it is the third consecutive annual conference. We look forward to the fourth ALA conference in Bangkok in 2017. Stay tuned for further updates.

                               Chairman of ALA, Mr Aloysius Wee making his address

Apisith John Sutham (Thailand) explaining the potential legal issues under One Belt One Road initiative.

                 Mao Samvutheary (Cambodia) getting her point across to the participants.

ALA’s distinguished Dato Seri Matthew Yeoh (Malaysia) speaking on partnership in ASEAN – a subject area he is very experienced in.

Dr Steve Wong Che Ming (Hong Kong) explaining Hong Kong and China’s international commercial arbitration regimes.

Ms Kang Leap, Managing Deputy Partner and Ms Mao Samvutheary, Managing Partner of HML Law Firm & Consultants, Cambodia.

                     An unidentified participant wearing ALA logo on his collar. Thank you for your support, Sir!