Mr Keun Dong Lee

One Law Partners

Founded in 2009 pursuant to a merger of existing law firms, One Law Partners, LLC is a leading Korean law firm with growing reputation for high-quality, value-based service.

Although our practice covers the full range of traditional practice areas, our clients primarily seek our expertise on litigation and corporate matters.

Our clients include the leading corporations and financial institutions in Korea and individuals.  We also advise foreign investors and companies in connection with their transactional and dispute resolution needs in Korea.

We strive to be a “firm of value” to our clients.  We seek to deliver value to our clients by doing the following:

  • We dedicate significant senior-level attention to handling client matters.
  • We endeavor to provide advice and generate process solutions designed to address the specific legal needs of the particular client.
  • We try to provide more in terms of our work product than what is typically expected of Korean law firms.

Also, unusual for a firm of our size, we provide a number of specialized services, including the following:

Public Strategies and Crisis Management.  Our firm operates the Public Strategies Institute, which provides consulting services on a broad range of topics to clients affected by public policy and public opinion in Korea. Our firm has positioned itself as a leading consultant to clients seeking sound advice on strategies in public affairs in Korea. We also help our clients keep abreast of the latest legislative developments in Korea before their implementation. We also advise clients on crisis management and communication strategies and provide a range of services, including media relations, issue management and message development.


11th Floor, Gangnam-Daero,


Seoul 06253