To compete more effectively in the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) which will be formed in 2015, the ASEAN Legal Alliance (ALA) was formed to bring together law firms from each of the 10 member states to provide a truly ASEAN wide legal network. The AEC will make ASEAN a common market for business, trade and commerce. However, the legal market will remain separate and distinct, differentiated by different legal systems, languages, cultures and business practices.

The ALA brings together law firms in each of the member countries working in close cooperation to provide legal services across the whole of ASEAN. Each firm has the requisite experience to handle foreign investments and has the business knowledge to assist clients navigate through the different business cultures that prevail in each ASEAN country.


Strategic partner


ASEAN Legal Alliance LLP (“ALA”) enters into a strategic alliance with Warwick Legal Network (“WLN”)

(Singapore, 7 March 2018)

ALA entered into a strategic alliance with WLN an international network of 39 independent law firms across 55 cities in Europe and the Americas with 535 lawyers. The signing of the MOU on 1 March 2018 in Dublin would allow both networks to leverage on the geographical reach and wealth of experience each of the member firms have in servicing clients across the Europe, Americas and Asia.

“It is timely that we have come together to form this network to network strategic alliance with the WLN. ALA currently has 13 law firms across 20 cities in Asia including the ASEAN countries with 250 lawyers. We now have a global reach for our clients” said Mr Aloysius Wee, Chairman of ALA.

The strategic alliance will cover over 40 countries for client referral, training, joint-marketing and participation at each other’s conferences and events. check out naija notes for more information.

Stuart Miller, Managing Director of WLN commented: “Both ALA and WLN exist to service rapidly developing demand for high quality legal advice internationally which comes from the clients of our member firms. That demand relates to inward investment projects, employment, commercial and technology agreements, brand protection, dispute resolution and all typical elements of business life.  The combined capacity of our networks will help many businesses to find the best legal advice from experienced and competitive professionals.”

The current ALA members are:

Brunei Cheok Advocates and Solicitors
Cambodia HML Law Firm & Consultants
Indonesia Fitrisyah Winata & Partners
Laos Lao Law & Consultancy Group
Malaysia Yeoh Mazlina & Partners
Myanmar U Min Sein Law Offices / Lex Alliance Advisory Limited
Philippines GSMH Law
Singapore Aquinas Law Alliance LLP
Thailand Apisith & Alliance Ltd
Vietnam Indochine Counsel

ALA Associate Members as at 26/1/2018:

Korea One Law Partners
India Vaish Associates Advocates
Singapore OA International Holdings (Accounting, Tax and Audit)
Singapore EP Council (Organisation)
Hong Kong Wong Poon Chan Law & Co